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Craving for Aklan culinary masterpieces?

Visit InterContinental Manila from March 5 to 24 and enjoy the dinner or lunch buffet at CafĂ© Jeepney. 

Stop over Aklan is a dining experience for locals and visitors alike where they can select from the sumptuous spreads of Aklan culinary delights in Intercon Manila in Makati City. 

Kaliboatiatihan-25Satiate your growing appetite withminatamis na saging sa gatasuman amboeongibos, cassava buchi-buchi orsuman latik with coco jam. On your buffet in CafĂ© jeepney, don’t forget to try salad ensaladang pako or puso or grilled eggplant salad.

You can also get a taste of well-loved Aklan festive dishes - native chickeninubaran in banana core, and bangus spring rolls. You’ll have to try alsotayuba, a pork leg adobo mixed with banana blossom and fried banana. 

Gourmet lovers will delight their taste buds also with binakoe na manok cooked with coconut juice in bamboo tubes. Thebinakoe na manok combines the aromatic lemon grass, laurel leaf, onion, ground black pepper and ginger to create a tasty native chicken in bamboo tubes. 


If you really love seafoods, try the steamed seafoods (crabs, shrimp, prawns) in coconut cream sauce, thanks to its use of local spices and coconut milk.

Vicky Ramos-Antonino, co-chairperson of Aklan Provincial Tourism Council, said chefs from the province are especially flown in to showcase many of Aklan’s best dishes for Stop over Aklan.  

Want more? You will get the chance also to admire the colourful Ati-Atihan costumes  and Aklan’s handwoven fabrics on display while dining.

For more than two weeks, the lobby of Intercon Manila will be transformed into an Aklan fabric show  with pina dresses by the country’s top fashion designers Rajo Laurel, Barge Ramos, Frederick Peralta, Milka Quin, Cesar Gaupo and Jojie Lauren and fabrics on display and nito products of La Herminia Pina Weaving Industry and Dela Cruz House of Pina on sale.

Guests will have also the opportunity to witness pina handloom demonstrations by weavers from Aklan during the cocktail grand opening. 

Together with the provincial government of Aklan through its Aklan Provincial Tourism Council and the Kalibo Sto. Nino Ati-Atihan Foundation, Inc. (Kasafi), the rich cultural diversity of Aklan is set to debut on March 5 at InterCon Manila with special performance of fire queen Rachel Lobangco and street dancing of Black Beauty Boys and Kabog.


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